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What the media won't tell you

The concept of this page is to attempt to tell you what IS going on in Israel, not what the media wants you to believe. 

I am being followed on Twitter by a growing number of diplomats from Israel, they choose to follow me, not because I chose to follow them but because I blog about Israel.

Two new items for the page:- 
The most important is that unless the series of droughts break soon, Israel will see the Sea of Galilee at its lowest in over 100 years

The second item is minor, my book should be out this month on Smashwords, and unless there are some sales it will be my final book

I had intended to turn my latest e-book into the beginning of a series of insights into life in the state, but that is up to you to show me the project is worthwhile by buying copies of Aliyah
Other than showing you care about the project, buying the book will give me the money back for the cover.
The news I will report on comes from several Jewish online papers, as there is no better news than from people on the ground and in the country.

Two or three times a week, there will be an edited newsletter on with news about #Israel.

The first post- is about the geography of the Middle East.

The more the Palestinians try to disprove the Jewish link to Jerusalem, the more they prove the link is there

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