Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Great Division

Being a #BestSeller
You would imagine being a #writer with a vivid imagination, not writing would be hard, for me it is easy.

The beginning of the process starts when I view the number of  #ebooks I have for sale    
http://alsdomain.weebly.com/barnes--noble.html#.WTbEjvQrLrc against the e-books that are selling. The ratio is 37: 1, don't be fooled by the fact my#scifi series has sold almost 800 e-books in three and a half years, one of the seven books has sold nearly 70% of my sales - so what about the rest? 

 The next stage is the sales, not for the money but for the appreciation, the only way I can tell if my writing is appreciated is by the number of sales, and what sells.

The kicker is when I look at how long it takes me to write and edit a book and the pittance I get - if it sells. People say Amazon reviews help sales, I've never had any; there again, I have sold only a handful of books on #Amazon in five years.

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