Friday, 3 April 2015

I don't blow my own trumpet enough

A writer's profile

Alan Place 
" I don't blow my own trumpet enough,"  a comment often said to me by my friends, and it is true. I am naturally a reclusive person, and too often shun the spotlight I deserve. 
 Today, I will try to give myself a little praise, and also give you an insight into my works.
 Two and a half years ago, I had the honour of one of my books being awarded the certificate of excellence by the US non-profit  organisation . The site has changed in the last year, and the awards are not shown, but are sent to over 20,00 people via Facebook, libraries, and are available to read via and a monthly newsletter sent the members.

Chronicles of Mark Johnson
  The story started out its life after seeing Lorraine Kelly complain on TV about having to cross the desert. Like many of her friends, she never thought of the poor camera crews who haul the cameras so her fans can see her.  I wrote the book as a tribute to the unsung heroes the men & women who take the shots, and films but never get the credit for all their work.

The writer
 Although the award was for a speculative fiction story,my writing covers many genres. I write for the children's charity The Peacock Writers we bring out two books every year - last year was an exception - with the rise of bullying, we brought out an anti-bullying special edition. All the money from these sales goes to help children in crisis. I am involved with another multinational group of writer called The Booktrap  the writers in Booktrap cover many style of writing, and the books are of high quality. Some of the stories tell of harrowing real life horrors, so be careful what you choose to read. 

 My hit US sci-fi series is as much an amazement to me as to anyone. Until last year, I had not written any sci-fi stories, and thought with most of the Barnes & Noble sales outlets being in higher education establishments, I wouldn't be able to sell any e-books. Boy, was I wrong - and in a BIG way - the title book has sold over 100 copies, and the series has sold over 220 copies

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