Saturday, 25 February 2017

15 cents a week

Sin is cheap
I haven't been paid for my writing since September, even if I make the one sale I need to pass the $10 minimum to be paid, I won't see the money for two weeks. 

Don't ask me to tell you the last time I made $1 a week, off the top of my head I'd say two years ago. 
It isn't that I don't have e-books for sale on Draft2Digital I have 35 e-books for sale on eight platforms on the site, and I can't recall the month with 10 sales.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Writing contests

In-house favouritism
People who know me will tell you that I don't enter writing contests as often as I used to. 

There are many reasons, the main reason being In-house favouritism, this is when an editor will look for writers they know, and ignore other writers who may be as good as their favourites.

Several years ago, I used to enter as many contests as I could through websites and magazines, to no avail other than running up huge costs.

The last contest I entered was over four years ago, and while I did beat my harshest critic, in the end, she won. The reason is she hacked the contest to force me out of the top three, with that done, I lost my opportunity for a contract. 

With this in mind, the decision to enter this contest was perplexing as I made a rep for writing Horror stories on Draft2Digital.

Monday, 13 February 2017

To be returned

Medal of Dishonor

Many years ago, I was awarded the General Service Medal for a tour of duty in Ireland, during The Troubles.

Since that day, I have vehemently opposed the decision because I feel I did nothing to earn the medal. Our base was over 15 miles from the action.

The government of the UK has taken upon itself to charge soldiers who killed terrorists with murder, while IRA supporters such as Jeremy Corbyn sit in judgment of the soldiers.

It is because of this policy that I am looking for ways to return the medal. I cannot support a government that puts immigrants needs ahead of the needs of its people. 
While we have homeless ex-soldiers begging for crumbs, these foreigners have done nothing for the country, and are probably never going to, should be sent back - Foreign Aid should be halted until we can look after our own people.

The end

Going offline
Light my fire
I wish I could light my fire, but after trying for the last year, I realize there is nothing but cold ashes where the fires once burned.

The truth does hurt, at this moment my sales of e-books cannot get lower unless Barnes & Noble adopt the Amazon policy of allowing books to be returned within a week.

Two weeks into the month and my sales are ONE sale and ONE FREE
I should have quit at the top two years ago when Forgestriker started to fail to sell. Instead, I kept on pushing thinking if I couldn't emulate the success at least I could sell other e-books, but that scenario never happened, and here I am at rock bottom - and going offline at the end of the month.

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Muslim porn
I have just deleted my post "It's funny how things turn out," because the only thing it attracted was Muslims trying to get me to sign up for porn sites. 

YES, they do have Muslim Porn sites, these requests came from Egypt.

The post was about French New Wave Cinema and had nothing pornographic in the content.

Saturday, 11 February 2017


Men of the Lord

From time to time, I have articles posted in the Jewish online papers - usually Israel Today Yesterday, I had another published in  Haaretz

Haaretz is a magazine with very anti-Netanyahu opinions, but my article is not political in any way.  My article is about my outdated belief that a man of G-D shouldn't be a celebrity.

 I always thought you became a man of G-D to spread the word of the Lord, but these days it appears to be the case that you can make a fortune, look at Billy Graham and John Hagee.

 I am not saying the don't believe in what they are doing, or that they shouldn't make a good living at it, my concern is that how much of the money they make from their ministries actually gets to Israel?

 And should a man of G-D be classed as a celebrity?

Statistically speaking

Weebly blog
Last night's Full moon and other cosmic events were the cause for the rise in "supposed" readers for my Weebly blog. 

If I were to believe the statistics - which I never do - there were over 4,400 posts read by only 105 people, meaning each reader on average read 40 posts. 
The actual figure would be closer to 450, also despite the "supposed" ten-fold rise in readers, there was not one e-book sold.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Don't hold your breath

The time has come to bow out

I rarely give news of upcoming events in my life because I usually end up looking foolish when they fail. 

In this case, I will make an exception because the outcome won't be known other than to me, the people concerned and a few close friends.

By the end of the month, I will know if my stories have been accepted for three anthologies.
  Bill Adler, the man running has said he'd pay $200 for a 2,000-word story; as this is way over the usual asking price, I doubt the sincerity of the proposal.
The most likely venue for my work is the online magazine whose owner has said he'd pay $1 for a 1,000-word story - a fee I waived - to help maintain the site.  is the least likely of the three to accept me because they are running a contest, and the top prize is a book contract, with smaller prizes involving short story contracts. 

Barring a miracle, this will be my final month as a writer.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Freebies do NOT help sales

The continuing slide

Some writers will tell you that giving FREE samples, will encourage sales. From my stance, it hasn't worked.

Despite 1/3 of the e-books registered as sold on my shelf at Barnes & Noble being classed as free, my sales slide continued.