Friday, 23 February 2018

Sci Fi channel

The new wave of Science Fiction.
This week, my page on Disqus took a new breath of life, linking with the channel

A clearer idea of Vampires

Vampires are creatures of the dark, not sex symbols.
Forget Twilight, my vampires are closer to the original concept of   Nosferatu

 Since the advent of Hammer Horror in the 1970's, people forget that the vampire was initially seen a hideous creature of the night, not a sex symbol.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Flying with glory

It's been a long time since I sold ten e-books in one month.

Don't ask me when the last month I had ten sales was? I have no idea, it was sometime in 2016 if I remember.

This month for the first in a long time, the   Forgestriker series sold ten copies. 

It is a long way from hoping to sell ten of one e-book in a day (my original goal), even with the numerous links on I rarely sell more than one e-book a week, mo fault of the site.

Sex sells

I am dropping my moral code.
Until now, I have staunchly refused to either use sexual images to sell my books or to write porn. This strategy has not only meant I struggled to sell my e-books, other than my Science Fiction series, but it cost me a contract several years ago. 

I think it is time that I came into the 21st Century and dropped my moral code to write at least erotica, if not porn. 
As this post shows -,I am losing my ability to get my point across.

Reputation damage
In my view, I have little rep as a writer left, very few of my stories have sold over the last decade.

Damage to sales
As I sell about one e-book a week, I can hardly do any worse if I tried to fail.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Woodland mythology

The mysterious woodlands
 An unknown talent of mine is as a cook. In this post - you can see how mythology and cookery can intertwine.

Join the discussion

My life in the writing lane.
You are invited to join in the discussions on my channel on   Disqus

Under discussion will be most things to do with my work, life, and thoughts on how my writing is progressing. Please, feel free to ask what you wish to know, I am an open book, and will answer most questions.
Another channel to look in on is the one run by my friend, Sarita, her channel is profoundly pro-Israeli/US, as I am.
One of the requests I have been asked to write is one that many of my online friends have asked over the years, and that is to recount my years in the Royal Air Force.  I am doing my best, but you need to know that period of my life was over 45 years ago.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

An enlisted man's story

My memories of days in the RAF.
I have been requested to undertake writing about my days in the Royal Air Force by several friends online. 

This is not the first time I have been asked to do this, I never got to do it because I thought nobody would be interested, I suppose because I was living this life, I didn't consider it exciting.
If you wish to follow what I can recall, please follow this link

Aiming for the 400

My thanks to US Science Fiction readers.
I can't help but laugh when I think that I was told the hardest market to sell in is the US Science Fiction genre. 
After all, where else I am selling my bestselling series
In my experience, the hardest area to sell in is Canada, nine years of writing and I have yet to make a sale in the provinces.

I am not complaining, as Jerry Reed one said When you're hot, you're hot

Aliyah page 3

A modern Jewish romance to be read online.

There are a lot of pages to come, so keep tuned to

More success for my bestselling series

In the sky with Forgestriker.
My bestselling science fiction series is still flying high after four years on sale, something must be good with my writing