Friday, 18 August 2017

Did you catch the dreams?

I stopped dreaming many months ago
 The concept of a dreamcatcher is that it holds back bad thoughts, allowing you pleasant dreams.
   I wish mine would stop my dreams from fading into ashes before my eyes.

Back to modelling

The Forgestriker concept
My idea before the Forgestriker series started to sell well, was to relieve the stress of my life by building models, and writing stories about the soldiers.

The idea came to nothing, but the stories became my #bestseller. Now with about 20 years in a wheelchair facing me, I am returning to a hobby I can do at my desk.

Another hobby I can restart is Stamp collecting; while I was able to get some items from #Israel, I was sent some stamps by a friend in #Ra'anana. The stamps have various events in Jewish history and culture depicted on them which aroused my interest.

I have nothing left :(

The final sacrifice
This afternoon, I decided the time had come to lose the last luxury item that gave me a little joy.  By stopping the renewal of Israel Today, I have lost my last luxury, all I do now is pay off my debts :(

I have nothing left to cut back, and nothing to look forward to.

Bone Marrow

Bad to the bone
Personal note =stop thinking what else can go wrong? 
Life takes that as a challenge. 

With my genetic inheritance - the bitter truth - I would be interested in undergoing a bone marrow inspection to see how far my DNA has been corrupted. I know the procedure is painful but it could also be educational

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Never again
This action is typical of the Swiss people.
A few things to note about Switzerland
Their national hero (William Tell) isn't Swiss.

They gave the world one of the dirtiest words (Mercenary), WT is an example
I thought the Germans were arrogant until I met the Swiss; they make the Germans appear like hippies.
Goods are vastly overpriced.
Food is not bland, bland would be complimenting the dullness 
They have no culture to speak of
I would recommend Austria, the people are far nicer, and the views of the Alps are the same
In the case of war, for the Lord's sake, pray you are NOT in there. Their policy is to blow the mountain tunnels, so you'll be trapped.
And, yes, I did make the mistake of visiting the country. I wish my friend and I had gone to Yugoslavia instead, we could have enjoyed the food.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

This pen for hire

Hire a bestseller at a reasonable price
 If anyone is interested, I am for hire as a #ghostwriter. If you want to judge my quality, read my series  Forgestriker

The Science Fiction zone

Science Fiction and the USA
Years ago, on a writing course, I was told the hardest market to sell to is the US Science Fiction market.
As I have been selling for over five years now, in my opinion, the most difficult market to sell in is the Canadian market. I have sold e-books in places as far apart as Norway and New Zealand, or Germany and South Africa, but in all my years I have yet to sell an e-book in Canada. I had lots of promises of sales, but no sales.
When I started to sell on Draft2Digital, I looked at the site on Barnes & Noble. I thought there is no way I can sell my sci-fi there, the site is geared to selling to higher education establishments, and I figured I had no chance of sales.
It took a friend in Canada to convince me to try to sell there, and I have not looked back (until this month). With a series that sold over 750 e-books in three and a half years, I can say I cracked the US sci-fi market. If only I could sell in Canada.

Wonderwoman and Israel

Once a soldier always a soldier
Gal Gadot who portrays  #Wonderwoman did two years service in the #IDF
She is a proud Israeli woman, like her can you support #Israel?

Many thousands of  #Twitter posts are posted every day, many are by teens extolling the virtues of pop stars, or football teams.
You can tell when people take you seriously, you get “followed” by people with responsibilities, as I do, I have followers in the Parliament  and embassies of #Israel

The surprises of Alan

I can be a surprise if you get to know me
I sometimes surprise people because they think that as I have no formal qualifications that I cannot understand many things, such as Science. I may not know the physics behind Quantum Physics, but I can understand the concepts of a Black hole and the Multiverse theory of an Alternate Reality.

My blogs, and,may not be high tech and critical, but they are being noticed in #Israel and the Israeli Embassies around the world, that shows how much people respect my opinions.

I make no apology for my blogs showing posts supporting Israel. If you know me, you'll know I have always supported Israel. The blogs are not helping my #ebook sales; so I will be doing my bit to correct the media bias against the only #Christian country in a world of #Islam.

Monday, 14 August 2017

More bargains

Price cuts galore
One of the reasons for charging $2 a copy for my  #romance was to cover the cost of the cover I bought, but after four months and no sales, I decided I will be changing the cover this week and dropping the price to attempt to get some sales.