Thursday, 18 January 2018

Blogging is going well

Indie Writer
Honestly, I have no idea why my blogs and are so well read.
My only explanation is that from the start, I never intended them to be book blogs, or about me. Sure, I use them to air my views, but I rarely put personal items on them (other than about my health).

Writing for Facebook

Advertising a job that had gone
Last week, I applied for a job via LinkedIn; the situation was a content writer for Facebook. 
I realized that with few qualification, I have little to no chance of even being viewed, despite being a good writer.
The joke is that although the post was put out in mid-January, the job application needed to be in before Christmas.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Teddies abroad

Furry friends go to Israel.
To date, I have not written a children’s story, though I used to write in an anthology for our Charity.
I have the idea of writing about two furry friends who go to Israel to meet another friend.

My bestselling ghost story

North Yorkshire ghosts

I don’t check my Amazon UK page for sales, as they are rare. Today, by accident I did, to find that my oldest / bestselling ghost story has sold again.
I have been so intent on pushing my new book / that I forgot there could be sales for other e-books.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


                                      Getting strapped up

Yesterday, I was offered the opportunity to have my book / published free on a subsidiary site of the firm that made the original contract offer last week. 

I have been considering enlarging the original story and extending A Homecoming, as to understand the second part of the story, you would need to read the original book, and I found out the hard way that this is not always a good plan.
For some time, I have considered getting audio software in case my wrists could not be relied on when I write. The time is now, most days I have both wrists in supports as my EDS has weakened the joints to the extent that I cannot pick up a cup.
As I have a publisher in London who is keen to publish my book and its possible sequel, buying some Dragon software could be seen as a good investment or just another waste of money.
I do not get a significant allowance for my disability, but then again my needs are few.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Sunday, 7 January 2018

C'est la vie

Shit happens 

After my massive let down last week; I have decided to go ahead and self-publish my story /

After all, what else can I lose? The covers for the book and e-book have already cost me over $250, and I have seen nothing back.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Ending on a record low

2018 is over for me after only three days
A dream that should have stayed a what if?
 I hoped I could make it out of the first week at least - I was SO wrong - I know how screwed my life can get.

 I had a contract in my hand for I had a publisher willing to fulfil my dreams, but I can' afford the publicity :'(

 For once in my life, I thought Karma smiled on me for being kind to others LOL GET REAL

 If you want a bargain, now is your chance as I will be taking everything down and in the next two months, coming so close it is too painful to continue writing.

Is being left-handed a sin?

The switch-hitter
To people who do not watch baseball, the term switch hitter means nothing. The term applies to a batter who can hit from both sides of the batting plate, he is neither right or left handed.

 Since my days in school, I have thought I was left-handed, doing things right-handed sometimes felt wrong to me. 

 Today, not only starts a new year for me but probably a new way of life as my right-hand joints are so severely damaged I am forced to use my left hand more than I usually would. 

 Until recently - within the last 20 years - if you were at school and tried to write left-handed you were punished. In some religions to this day, being left-handed is considered as a sign of Satan.