Monday, 16 October 2017

Red Sun

The Science outweighs the Religion
Wally glanced out at the weather and said, "Aye, lad, tis a fair bit windy out on the sea today. Do you reckon this hurricane hitting Ireland has anything to do with the winds, Mick?"
Mick gave a chuckle and replied, "Don't be such a barmpot, man. This is a small island in the Northern Hemisphere, of course, we'll get high winds. The trouble these days is there are too many people with too much information and too short memories. I remember winters like this every year in the North. Once people start to realise our situation, they will see this is normal weather for this time of year. True, it is windy on a night, but during the day it's not too bad; I recall much worse weather and nobody said a thing about it. They were the days when what mattered was what we knew, not what we read online. I'd be more concerned if we didn't have the winds, Wally. Back in the day, we had clear seasons, now you can't tell one from t'other as it's raining most of the time."
Wally pulled the curtains back from his bedroom window to view the road, "Didn't take them Jehova's long to come out spreading the words of doom."
"Happen as one day they'll be right, and that'll be the day I win the lottery and we see an English team managed by an Englishman playing for England; don't hold your breath, lad. You'll get all sorts of people giving you all varieties of Biblical reasons for the sun being red. We know it's happened before, and it will happen again, only this time with people having cell phones and internet, something odd has become a portent of doom, not a mere scientific curiosity. I read somebody even suggested the last time this happened, the Ice Age ended. All I can say is last year, everyone was going on about the planets being in alignment being seen as a portent of the end of the world - well, here I am. It is science, you have numerous entities circling a central core, at some point, no matter what their orbits are they will get aligned."
Wally smiled and said, "It is like 2012 again."
Mick replied, "Aye, people are as daft as brushes at times. True, the world will end. We are an energy, and eventually, energy burns out, but not for a good while. I wonder what the next portent of doom will be?"

Friday, 6 October 2017

One last trip to Cheltenham

Southampton and homeward bound
There are some places I never had the opportunity to visit, but I am pleased the Lord allowed me time to revisit Cheltenham and Southampton before telling me that my days as a rover are over.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

October means ghosts

An early treat for Halloween
This collection of stories that I started is the third time I have been asked to join with other writers, the other two times the projects fell apart.

The last walk

The time is upon me
Yesterday, my condition was so bad that I could only walk for 15 minutes before I needed an extended rest. Today, I can’t even do that, if I stand up, I need to have a rest because my knee joint aches so much.

​I should be getting a wheelchair shortly, but I am not sure if it is worth the trouble

I have fought this battle for 18 years knowing this day would arrive. I am waiting for a wheelchair bought with help from the British Legion and
So, there will be no more long walks for me 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Draft2Digital romance

Romance on several platforms
While my  Amazon rating rises, do not forget that A Homecoming  is available on  Draft2Digital

A new high for the year

Ratings don't matter to me
The recent sale of my romance has given my Amazon Kindle a much-needed boost, to its highest point in a year. The ratings are of no matter to me as they soon drop off.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

A new romance writer

I still surprise myself
I was surprised to sell a romance story, but not as surprised as I was to receive this review from a reader. 

If you are interested, the mystery lady in the story is Hanna Laszlo from #Israel. As with most of my stories the ladies are #BBW (Big Beautiful Women), or as I say "real ladies have curves."
I do have more in store in this series, especially after these lovely comments

A surprise from Amazon

Any sale at Amazon surprises me

After all these years there are still things that amaze me to do with my writing; one is that yesterday I sold a book on Amazon, I rarely sell at Amazon.
Just as much a surprise is the book that sold is my new romance, shown above. I have read few romances, mainly older stories so I don’t follow trends.

This story was written because I have several Jewish friends and I have never written a story with a target audience in mind before.

Truth be told, as usual, I didn’t expect "A Homecoming” to sell.