Sunday, 15 January 2017

Hebrew films

Foreign language films
To some people, the idea of me watching a TV series in Hebrew may be a surprise. 

I don't see why, after all, I watched series in French (Braquo), Danish (Borgen), Swedish (Broen), Flemish (Salamander), Norwegian (Mammon) and Italian (Inspector De Luca) to name a few, there are many others I could name. 

To me, foreign films are an excellent way to picking up the language, which is why I prefer to watch The Killing and Wallander in their native tongue - in translation you lose so much, as I saw when I looked at the US version of The Killing. 

While Sofie Grabol oozed a hidden sexuality, the lady in the US version reminded me of an old style studio actor who had been forced to play a role. 
The Soren Malling role was brilliantly played, in the US version, the character comes over as a klutz.

While I admire Kenneth Branagh's work, I feel that Krister Henriksson is better suited as the Swedish detective, Wallander

In short, I can understand why people don't like subtitles as it takes a lot to read, listen and not miss the action but I am happy to do it.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Learning Hebrew

New Year's resolution
I may be a bit too long in the tooth to do well, but I thought I'd try to learn Hebrew with On the site, there is an app to teach you how to write Hebrew too.

I doubt I'll win the trip to Israel But, I could still learn the language of the country at the top of my bucket list.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Book covers for charity

Aid work is a good feeling
I have opened my GoFundMe campaign. 

 My original goal is to make $500 to get some book covers for my stories, this money will benefit the designers on as well as me.

 If this project is successful, I will be able to send more money to Israel to rebuild the state after the recent terrorism that left the country in flames

 So, if I get donations, you can see how the money is being spread around, and any donators will recieve an exclusive story written for the project.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Mailing list

I am attempting to compile a mailing list, so when I put out new short stories, my regular readers can have a first notice email. 

If you wish to be on the list, please send your email to:-

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Fight BDS
I am thinking about starting a GoFundMe campaign to enable me to buy some covers for my books.

These covers, I hope will entice more sales, and this means I will be able to send more money to help the victims of terrorism in Israel.

The idea is this, by donating the money, I can order the covers for the stories which will hopefully boost sales. 

I buy goods from Israel to fight BDS and help rebuild lives ruined by HAMAS.

What do you get, other than the pleasure of knowing the money is going to in opinion a worthy cause?

I intend to write an exclusive GFM story. This is a FREE story, only for people who are kind enough to donate to the project

Sunday, 8 January 2017

A living curse

Long life
Longevity is a thing most people would desire, but not me.

 I was plagued by inherited genetic flaws and combined with long life, the future doesn't look good for me.

 I am breaking with my credo and starting to drink beer, something I haven't done since I left the RAF

 With no sales and suffering from depression, I need something to keep me going - or do I?

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Indie World

Indie World is a new channel on the site Disqus.

The aim of my channel is simple, to bring new writers to new readers.

There are a lot of excellent writers out here, and we struggle against the tide of published/recognised authors.

Time took its toll

I am but a poor wayfaring stranger

Friends who know me will realise the depths I have sunk to when I say  
Yes, all those years ago, Val Fee was right, I am not a good writer, but what does that make her as I beat her in a contest run by a friend of hers.

The Sound of Silence

Going offline
I realise I have said this for the past few years, but the last year has been the worst for a long time with steadily falling sales for my e-books on

As the only way, I can tell if my writing is appreciated is from sales, it is apparent that I am wasting my time as a writer.
I never intended my goal to be successful, all I wanted was enough to convince myself that people cared what I was writing, and making less than $0.50c a week has only convinced me otherwise.

My dear friend, Julia, always says these blogs are well read that shows there is some interest in my work. My reply is always the same, of course, they are well read, they are FREE

Friday, 6 January 2017

All my e-books under $1.50

New Year's resolution
It's harder than ever to imagine that I was once an award-winning writer. 
With my lowest sales for three years on, I have been forced to slash prices for even my new and longer books; again you readers win.

My friends didn't think the success of my series odd, but I never got over the massive sales for the series and I guess I never will. 

With a lack of general sales, I find it extremely hard to imagine myself as a popular writer of science fiction.