Sunday, 27 April 2014

A new opening

 With the success -- even for a short time -- of Forgestriker, I am considering a new Sci-Fi story called The Indie Wars. 
I haven't decided whether to try a novella -- a lot of work -- as my previous ones &  are not selling, or do a monthly part work as Forgestriker was. 

If I do the part work, at least I can gauge the popularity and get some payment for my time. 

 Here is the proposed new opening:-

 The radio receiver crackled and the light came on.

"We've made a contact,"  James said in a whisper.
 The Game Lords patrolled the streets and any contact with the outside was punishable by death. 

 We sat, listening to the news from outside of the city walls. The only real news came via our radios, all other news was either blocked or had to be cleared by The Game System. 
 A weak voice came over the airwaves, "Help! Please get as many books and samples of writing as you can carry out of the cities. The Game are taking control and there is no stopping them. "
 We heard of The Game, but thought they were a myth.  Early reports had said about young people coaxed from reading places by the advance in technology that left the mind inactive. What we took to be a phase, had now become a cult and nobody was safe. 
  The radio went silent as James tried air band after air band. Then on an unused band he picked up a shuffling sound on the air, followed by a quick message. "James, if you hear this, get Kabel and the others out of the city quickly, we can't hold The Game squads much longer."
  The sender didn't have time to log off before we heard two shots and then the silence.
  Kabel looked at James and he answered her question before she asked. "It was his band -- which only a few of know about -- his voice, and from the whispers I would say he was on the limit of our range. I am not saying he is dead, but it doesn't look good for him." 
 The sender had been Jericho Mobley, the leader on the resistance known as The Word, the news of his death would cause the resistance to collapse. All we had was a garbled message sent on a secret wave band, followed by gun shots. Could he have escaped?

Saturday, 26 April 2014

A World of links

Before we get under way, I wish to clear misconceptions formed by a recent US study. I do read female authors -- the sex of the writer bears no relationship to what I read -- and I don't only read high action stories. 

 The point is made clear in this blog. I recently started Life Class by Pat Barker, having previously read Toby's Room. The background to the fictional story is based on a real group of friends who went to Slade School of Art, one of whom was Vernon Ward who painted the picture of Mousehole. A print which holds a fascination for me. 

 One of the students at the time in question was Ben Nicholson, who a few years later moved to Cornwall and formed the St. Ives School of Art. St. Ives is not far from Mousehole, and I have a friend who lives not far from the area too.
 Ms. Barker was born in Thornaby-on-Tess, not 10 miles from where I was born. Her books tell of the struggle of men returning to life after WW1, and the beginning of modern plastic surgery. My WW1 ghost story tells of the social impact the war forced on people.

The series closes

  I knew the the day was near. Forgestriker- the book couldn't support sales forever, and the series has been getting less sales each issue. The latest e-book (shown here) has been on sale for two weeks and not sold. 
The time has come to leave the men of the 7th Baalite Guard and try something to keep my readers interested, but what?  My ghost stories never sold, I may try a western next.

Are we in a depression?

According to the news, this is the worst depression since the Wall Street Crash of the 1920's. 
 And yet, the University of Denver has spent thousands of dollars in researching a vital world issue -- so we are to believe -- who unfriends you on Facebook and why?
 With the collapse of the US economy and the destruction of Detroit, I would have thought the money wasted on this infantile project would have been put to a REAL problem, not wasted, but that is the opinion of an uneducated person.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Arbiter Elegantiae 2

The title means judge in matters of taste.  Again, the readers prove me wrong. Three years ago, I made a rep for ghost stories. Two years ago I wrote an award winning e-book  I hope to re-peat the award this year with  and yet the sales eluded me. 
 This year, I joined Draft2Digital and have found a new readership in Sci-Fi, a genre I thought would be one of weakest, but with the sales of  thriving, I am proven wrong.

Mousehole, Cornwall

This print had been at the top of my parent's stairs for as long as I remember. Recently it came into my possession, and certain facts emerged. The family assumed it was by a Whitby artist -- wrong -- the artist is London based Vernon Ward. The picture is of Mousehole, Cornwall and not Whitby. What caught my eye, is there is no abbey in the background. On further examination, the perspective is wrong for Whitby too.

For better of for worse.

Against my better judgement, I decided to enter the Wells Literature Festival Contest again.  So much for me not entering contests after my last showing at the Merril

 My reason for the decision not to enter was I felt inadequate competing against writers with contracts,degrees and sales records. I still feel the same, but if I don't at least try, I may miss a good opportunity -- if only to get read -- and I may gain something, who knows.

Laid before the Altar of the Scriptures

A post dedicated to all the people who said they would buy my books, and didn't.

Ye, thou thee stand before Altar of the Scriptures and utter falsehoods of purchase. I care not for your utterances, as I know they are falsehoods. 

In English
Yet again, I got lied to. I was asked if my books were for sale, and I provided the links. However, even as I sent the reply my mind told me the lady lied. She never had any intentions of buying my work. 
 After 3 years, your pitiful lies don't hurt. The sad part is there might be people who are genuine, but those who lied have made me distrust anybody who asks me for the links.
 The fun part is that I find it amusing you think the lies do hurt. Pain hurts if you believe the person. I no longer believe anybody who asks.

Local tour news

 If you're following the charity book drive news in my area of North Bristol, I have good news for you. 
While the Horfield Library cannot spare space for a talk, they are willing to host a small exhibition of the books by . 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

I don't do ghosts /
This will be my final ghost story. The reason is although I enjoyed writing them and made a reputation for good spooky tales. Nobody bought any, so, in the end you made the decision easier to make. The book took FOURTEEN months to write -- over a year -- it has been on sale for four months and hasn't sold a copy. I got the message,thanks for the time but no thank you. 
I won't be doing any more novella's,I had my doubts about this one, and they were confirmed. The only ghost stories I am writing are for my friends, who do enjoy them and appreciate the time it takes to write and edit the book.