Friday, 22 April 2016

Am I going mad?

Friends who've known me for years know I suffer greatly with depression, but my worry is more concerned with a far deeper issue.

Am I going mad?: Mental Health    I realize I am going deaf that is something I knew was going to happen; working in a small space with washing machines and tumble dryers going for several hours will damage your hearing.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Rule 101 still remains the guideline

NEVER work for Asians, I should have known better but being desperate for work, I took a chance - I should have gone with my gut feeling.

Rule 101 still remains the guideline: Muslims /Asians I should have gone with my gut feeling. From the moment of the request, I had a sense accepting the offer would kick me in the balls, and it has.

Is it time to throw the towel in?

In my opinion, the battle was o'er before it even began :(

Is it time to throw the towel in?: Throw in the towel Surrender is never easy but there are times when you need to accept defeat, and this is one such time. TEN YEARS   I am told it takes at least ten years to get recognized as a writer.

Time to consider some options

I doubt I will be writing much longer; there is too much competition from inferior Asian writers to make the work worthwhile.

Time to consider some options: Damage Control    The uphill battle not only to combat cheap Asian writers but the ennui I feel is taking its toll on me.   I should feel honored and uplifted to be considered a writer in the TOP 10%

The top 10%

Don't hold your breath for more work coming my way - talk is cheap.

The top 10%: Summit meeting - Last night, out-of- the- blue, I received an invite to apply for a job on @Upwork. What made the offer so unusual is that it came from the site.  On the information given, I was told that I am in the top 10% of writers on the site.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A rare occurence

You don't get to hear me often, so enjoy the experience LOL

A rare occurrence: Alan Place - Ghostwriter    This is a rare occurrence - to hear me talking about my work. I am not one to brag, and rarely do things like this.   Since this video, the series has passed 660 e-books.

The Hanged Man

I'm catching up on TV series I missed in the 70's

The Hanged Man: Retro TV Back in the late 1970's, in the days before massive budgets and CGI, films and shows depended on good scripts and acting.  One show that stuck with me was  The Hanged Man.

I AM the competion

Although only one e-book is selling, some of my work is gaining a growing fan base.

I AM the competition: #IAmTheCompetition  That is correct, as a successful writer of #sci-fi on @ Draft2Digital   and a rising star #ghostwriter on @Upwork

Once upon a time

Could a short story turn into another 37,000-woed story like my story A Sailor's Love

Once upon a time: A mystery romance.   Before I was asked to write @romances on @Upwork, I did write a couple of my own. This story is going to be hopefully extended for a client.

Back to my origins

Being a multi-genre writer, I get asked to write many things, and the latest request takes me into the realms of fantasy horror

Back to my origins: Fantasy Horror, The most recent request for my work, is for a horror story.  This area is the genre that I established my early online reputation writing.  As yet, I have no idea what the story will be about,...