Thursday, 24 April 2014

4 to get

I need only FOUR sales to have a second 20 sale month in a row :)

Bases loaded

When I joined Draft2Digital, one of my hopes was for a run of three 10 sale months. With tonight's sale ofForgestriker that wish is fulfilled :)
 I am now being greedy, and going for the GRAND SLAM a home run with the bases loaded.  A fourth 10 sale month would be a great achievement for me. 
 I may be able to stop worrying about my sales -- no chance -- as Harlan Coben said "Once I do that, it's time to quit,"  and I have plenty of stories to write :) 

 On another high :)
 Forgestriker has sold 30 copies, and is theOFFICIAL BEST SELLER  on both markets, despite not selling on Amazon. 

Last month I made $15 on D2D, that is almost as much as last YEAR on Amazon :)

Mark gives an interview

Meet Al Place!
The genius behind Chronicles of Mark Johnson

Meet Mark Johnson!

I was lucky enough to grab an interview with the famous photographer, ghost whisperer, mystery solver, Mark Johnson!  Mr. Alan Place was kind enough to let him out of the book long enough to let me ask a few questions.

Hi Mark!  My Name is Yezall, just make yourself comfortable and relax.  I have a few questions for our readers to get to know you better.

While you were a glamor photographer, I heard you were quite the ladies man, is that true Mark?

HI there, Yezall. I did have an eye for the ladies, there is no use trying to deny the truth but I really think it was my reluctance to show my true self that drew them to me. I have been told that I had a dark, brooding sexuality. That is for you ladies to decide ( winks)

(Note from Yezall:  Did he just wink at me?)
Why would you give up that lifestyle?  The money must have been incredible!

Sure, the money was great, I had almost anything I could have or wish for but at the end of the day, is that what it was about? To some, the answer was yes but not for me. To find the reasons you will have to read the next book of Chronicles, I warn the readers it is dark and brooding, like me. The story "The private joke" will tell all you wish to know, sexy. Wish I could take you on a few adventures (winks)

(Note from Yezall: I better change the subject!)
What is your preference in what you shoot these days?

These days, I prefer to go out in the winds and rains, Phil, my agent, never could understand why. As I told him, you don't get the good shots sat on your backside in the storms, you need to be out there in the weather to feel alive-well I do.

Were you always able to speak to spirits?  How did that come about?

Since our Uni days, Rachel Stockman and I have been able to communicate with the spirits regularly, our mentor P A Canella taught us how to concentrate our minds to achieve a new  and more refined sense of conscience. There are plenty of stories between P A & myself, both being quiet and reclusive. He even had his own story collections out once.

Are you ever afraid?

Fears are something I live with and fight all the time(bows his head). Many see me a hero but I am just a man, if you read the set about North Moor, you will see my fears but my friends are worried I may cross over the dark side again, that is my fear too. When I do that I take on a new evil persona and lose myself.

Do you think your true calling is in spirit research and mystery solving?

Mystery solving has always been something of a pull for me, that is why I took up the journalism. I never wanted the celebrity scene, they are so shallow

What are you working on now?

At the moment Rachel, P A and myself are trying to break a witches spell on me, after that I think I deserve to take Rachel on a trip after all she has had to put up with. All these tales will be featured in futures stories. P A has a load of them, Yez. We hope to be able to help him with his researches as well, when we get back.

Sounds like you live a pretty exciting life!  I see our time is growing to a close.  Al tells me you are needed in the book, he has a scene to write...  Thanks for taking time to talk with me! 

IndiePendents promoting The Peacock Writers

This week, my editor, Julia, kindly give her approval for me to use her page to promote the charity work we do at The Peacock Writers. Here is the link to the page

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Personal news items

The main news features the possibility for promoting the charity work of The Peacock Writers  . On the personal front, there is a lot going too. A Sailor's Love  is tipped to receive the same award as Chronicles of Mark Johnson -- now only $1-- did two years ago. I am planning on doing an open mike evening at a coffee lounge in Bristol, reading from my Forgestriker series and three Chronicles stories have been chosen for a new anthology coming out by There is also a remote chance Janie's Return may get in an anthology published by

Forgestriker - the hit series

The books which are selling best at B&N are the Forgestriker series. 


         The series begins with Sons of Baal  followed by the big seller Forgestriker   and Return of the Lost . Fourth in the series of short stories is Terrors of D2 and the latest which came out last week is Flying Blind 

 For the present, I am bringing the stories out on or about the 15th of the month. In the future -- sales permitting -- I might bring them out as one collection.

If you want to find my books on Amazon or B&N, look up Alan Place. I don't use a pen name now.

Upcoming tour

  To promote the new book by The Peacock writers, I am trying to gain the attention of the libraries, book stores and our radio station in Bristol. This for me is a big challenge, as I haven't talked in public since my college days. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

A year from the short story

Here it is, the book which took a year to complete. The erotically charged romantic ghost story of Jannine and Helmut.

The latest news on ASL is that it is in line for the same award Chronicles of Mark Johnson was awarded two years ago.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

More is less

With the ironic news I have been added to another G+ circle. I realise the total puerility of this inanely infantile system. 

I am in various circles, some with thousands of people in and yet my best blog reads are under 30. The more I get added to, the weaker the systems uses are. 

And to prove my point, about three months ago I told you NOT TO ADD me and yet in this time, I find myself added to these childish conglomerates at a faster rate.

Not a single group in any circle has proved useful, Twitter is just as puerilely inanely useless. I lose count of how many followers of followers I have amassed and yet the blog gets no reads from there and sales of books are zero. 

You wonder why I am cutting myself off?

Ask this question

What use is a system with so many contacts but so little value?

I am sure you will be glad to see the back of me.
My work is available on Draft2Digital but wait, you know that and don't care.

Don't expect me to care what you think.
I have spent more time doing this blog to uncaring readers, than I have writing and to what end?


Monday, 10 February 2014

Runner at first base

Last month's ten sale period put a runner on first base. If I get the same this month that will put a runner on first and second bases :)