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Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Novel Chapter: The Deadly Caress

A Novel Chapter: The Deadly Caress: The Deadly Caress Name:  The Deadly Caress Author:  O.N Stefan Year:  2014 Genre:  Thriller, Murder-Mystery For this week...

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Paul and Paula's Place: Splatter Platter

Paul and Paula's Place: Splatter Platter: 'Do you like to read? Wouldn't you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the MMB...

Monday, 6 July 2015

TL Clark's Blogspot: Advice for New Authors

 I did tell you this!

TL Clark's Blogspot: Advice for New Authors: Wow; that was a spectacular disaster! So, you’re happy to read, but don’t want to talk to me? That’s OK. It’s your choice. So with an overwh...

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Writing By Donald B. Stephens

Writing By Donald B. Stephens  check out his new website


Don't hold your breath

The final chapter

I know I said it before, but..
 This time is final. I decided to close the blog for good. I don't see any point in continuing writing it because for the few readers it gets, it is too much, for too little.

 When you consider the immeasurable number of people who follow the people who follow me, and I get less than a dozen blog readers from Twitter a week, it isn't worth going on. 
 G+ circles are only marginally better than Twitter, mainly because there are fewer connection, so the few who read compose a larger percentage. 

The idea of the blog was to try to get some sales for my books, considering I've been doing the blog for almost four years, and the best from Amazon is 4 sales in a month, I think it is safe to say it failed. Add to that the total failure of my award winner - Chronicles of Mark Johnson, and its sequel Wharrfemere Finale - you end up with a load of dog poo which smells.

My old blog - now out of use - got a lot of read, but there again you don't pay to read the blogs. I wonder who well it would have done if payment was required. This page has never had a lot of readers, despite being free. So, it won't be missed. 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Our Daily Blab: The silent... minority?

Our Daily Blab: The silent... minority?: WWJD? I debated writing a blog about this, not out of fear for speaking out, like most of my fellow Christians, but worry it would be a wa...

Can it be true?

Tastes in food


Can it be true?
 Can you wish for something so much that when it comes, you dislike it violently. I'm not on about the success of my books this month, this time it's food. 
 I know my appetite has changed radically with age, at one time eating dark chocolate was as likely to induce a migraine, as drinking red wine. Now I find milk chocolate too sickly at times to eat. The same goes for Coca -Cola, when Coke Zero came out I dreaded the thought of the taste changing, but now it's all I can drink. I find even Diet Coke too sweet for my taste. 

 For four generations my kin have fished the North Sea for cod. I wrote my last novella - A Sailor's Love - as a homage to the hard-working, honest fishing communities around the world. 
 For the last two weeks I have desired some fish and chips. Today I had some mackerel, and found I couldn't eat it. It isn't the taste that put my off - as it does with some people - I didn't like the fishiness. 
 Can my tastes have changed to the extent I no longer like fish - the love of fish - has been a constant in my life, or did my desire to have some fish get to the stage where it made me want the fish so badly I didn't enjoy it.