Friday, 21 February 2014

A year from the short story

Here it is, the book which took a year to complete. The erotically charged romantic ghost story of Jannine and Helmut.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

More is less

With the ironic news I have been added to another G+ circle. I realise the total puerility of this inanely infantile system. 

I am in various circles, some with thousands of people in and yet my best blog reads are under 30. The more I get added to, the weaker the systems uses are. 

And to prove my point, about three months ago I told you NOT TO ADD me and yet in this time, I find myself added to these childish conglomerates at a faster rate.

Not a single group in any circle has proved useful, Twitter is just as puerilely inanely useless. I lose count of how many followers of followers I have amassed and yet the blog gets no reads from there and sales of books are zero. 

You wonder why I am cutting myself off?

Ask this question

What use is a system with so many contacts but so little value?

I am sure you will be glad to see the back of me.
My work is available on Draft2Digital but wait, you know that and don't care.

Don't expect me to care what you think.
I have spent more time doing this blog to uncaring readers, than I have writing and to what end?


Monday, 10 February 2014

Runner at first base

Last month's ten sale period put a runner on first base. If I get the same this month that will put a runner on first and second bases :)


In my folly, when I designed this blog I put the Shelfari bookcase on in the hope it may entice a few sales. I had as much success as an ice cube crossing Nevada. Over 7,000 reads last month and I only just got 10 sales and that was with the help of

We return to the old faithful, if you don't put out you won't receive. Well, I have been busting a gut for the last two years with first the two 'Chronicles' books which never sold and now 'A Sailor's love' -- whose fate still hangs in the balance -- can I take another failure?

So, as far I can see coverage on the shelf doesn't mean a hill of plugged nickels to me. I am a good story teller but nobody wanted to pay even a few nickels. All you want is a free read. I used to do those but in the end I got fed up of giving and not seeing a nickel back for an hours work. 

Well, in a few weeks time, I will probably be hitching my wagon and moving on -- I plan on going off line -- I always said "Ain't no point staying where you ain't wanted." Besides, there are plenty of rich writers out there willing to feed your desire for a free read. 

If anyone does wish to check up and see if I am still writing and wants some new work, I will be on my email address - 

I would have liked to say I enjoyed the last three years but I can't abide liars, which is another reason for closing down. I got tired of people saying "You write the stories and I'll buy them," my attitude now is-I''ll believe it if I see the money."

Some people reckon I might have been on the cusp of a break through this year with the advances in my writing. Others tell me I have a big following in the USA. All I say is "Show me the proof!" I haven't sold anything written last year and the majority of the sales are for Holding Richmond.

What is the purpose?


There is a lot of talk about Hootsuite, I investigated the site and found it looked worthwhile. Here is the double-edged sword -- the same as a good cover can help sales -- I would need to invest $9 a month to use it after the trial run. Not a lot, until you realise I don't make that much in a quarter. Okay, I agree if I got more coverage I might make more but at the same time it is more to claw back before I see a dime.

G+ does the same thing on my blog for free. I am in many groups, some numbering thousands and yet a good blog read is less than 40 people.

Last night I found I could do the same thing with Klout and again for free. But, again with all the combinations of Twitter 'followers' and 'followers of followers' measuring too many to count. I fail to see the use of the system.

With so little response, it is not hard to find the reason why I may go offline at the end of next month apart from a few special friends.

A blogger not a writer!

To my way of thinking I have gone down hill fast over the last year. While Julia, my editor, is pleased my blog gets over 200 readers a day. The crux of the matter is that I usually put out 7 or 8 blogs. This brings the average readership down to below 30 per blog. Even a teen chatting about TV or cinema gets more than that. 

My writing has suffered badly too -- not that you care -- as I am struggling to complete a short anthology piece, of a length I could turn out four time a week before.

I don't consider bloging as writing, to me it's little better than Tweeting and as destructive to the creative mind. These days we blog, whereas in olden days they wrote letters.

I wonder if in years to come our blogs will be read in the same way, as people read letters by Proust or George Elliot these days.

A tale of two men

Two strangers met on a hill 
The first man said, "A lovely view from the top of the hill."
The second said, "What do you mean the top? I've just come down."

Such is the case this month, while to me it has been a great month in selling ten e-books, to many fellow writers this would be classed a disastrous event.

Life in the RAF

Some time ago, I wrote an article entitled "Guardian Angels." In the article I mentioned a few scary moments I had during my tour of Germany, at the time the article scared some of my friends. I was asked by a small number of friends "Would I write a book about the times?"

 I was planning on writing it for a services charity on LinkedIn but as I am no longer on the site and the group couldn't get a publisher for books, the idea folded. 

The next idea was to write the book for myself and my friends and bring it out as an e-book, that idea has fallen through too, mainly because with the vast amount of readers on line, nobody read my blogs. If you wish to read about the start of my time in the RAF, the early pages can be read on my friend's FB group page @

Sunday, 9 February 2014

A nice feeling

It is nice to feel wanted after a long time feeling unwanted. Tonight a new friend asked when my books would my books be for sale? 

From now on my books are for sale at  if you're unsure of a story, please feel free to ask.

My new friend is a fellow Yorkshire man and a former mariner, and he is also a ghost story fan. 

Invisible books

There are various categories for invisible books, from stories I have decided not to write through lack of interest on my part, ones I don't think will have any chance of sales and ones I had started to write but changed my mind owing to market prospects.

I shall take the sections one at a time:- 
Lack of interest on my part.
 The main story in this section was V.A.M.P. The story of a northern rock group touring and changing personnel as it evolved into schlock horror and a vampire lovers. Imagine Quo joining with Alice Cooper and turning out like Kiss and you have some idea of what I planned.

Ones I don't think will do well.
This category is heavily populated with my Sci-Fi zone stories like "The Indie Wars," "The Word," and others of the ilk. "Forgestriker" was saved by interest in the series at B&N.

The final section:-
 Stories started that will not see light of day.
 Here we have the ubiquitous "Chronicles" book 3 "The Return of Mark Johnson" leading the charge. Why trash this story, you ask? Book 1 has only sold two copies in the years since the award in 2012. Book 2 has not (!) sold, so, why write the book 3? Probably the only people to see this evolve into reality will be my editor, Julia, and a close friend. They are the only people who showed an interest in the story.  

 Other stories in this section include the Pat Canella series, my follow up to the popular -- free read if not sales -- "Sexual Explosions," "Corridor of Desires," and the follow up to my Amazon best seller "Holding Richmond."

I haven't decided on what may or may not happen to the Jimmy Pookly stories about Elfenmere, I will probably write them for my friend, again she is the only person who is interested n reading my work.